Meet Raul “Chico” Ornelas

A musician born into a family of musicians from Corpus Christi, Texas, Raul Ornelas is a true Tejano music pioneer. He started playing drums on a make-shift kit he pulled together from trash cans and kitchen pans. His best friend’s parents recognized his talent and bought him his first drum kit. He would play his this kit alongside such legendary musicians such as Pablo Garza, Isidro Lopez and Oscar Martinez, and later with the U.S. Army band, playing for presidents, vice-presidents and dignitaries around the world.


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4 thoughts on “Meet Raul “Chico” Ornelas

  1. Greetings. I worked with Raul in the Army, while in Germany. I recently found a video of him singing with the band, and have posted it to Youtube, and also, have more concerts on Facebook that he was a part of his. Please pass this on to him if you can. Kind regards.

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